Coming Soon~ Mantera The Movie~

Tittle : MANTERA ( Man Transformable Exo- Robotic Armor )

Starring : Tomok, Shiqin Kamal,Kamaliya,Wael Al-Masri,Said Dashuk-Nighmatulin,Mikhail Dorojkin,Faezah Elai,Yank Kassim.

Directed By : Mohd Aliyar Al-Kutthy

Produced By: Flare Studios Sdn.Bhd

The first Malaysia Sci-Fi movie. About a boy, Azman who stumbled upon a nano-tech glove which can transform his motorbike into a body armor. The technology was created by a genius scientist at Western Tech.Corporation,Dr.Natasya Irina Pushkin.However when she realize that her creation will be used by some man with power to destroy the world,she determined to sabotage it.
In the meanwhile..
Sam Weston, the owner of Weston Technologies is furious over the security breach in his Research Lab. The prototype of his latest weapon system “Mantera” or MAN - Transformable Exo-Robotic Armour was sabotaged and destroyed. Invaluable research data was stolen and deleted from the company’s mainframe. His main scientist who is leading the research team, Dr. Natasya was missing. The buyer for the new technology is pressuring Sam to deliver the prototype or the deal is off. To make matter worse, the wreckage and debris from the destroyed “Mantera” was accidentally shipped to the other side of the world.... to a young man by the name of Azman, in Malaysia. Who is Azman, and what makes him the chosen one? Everything will be revealed in 'MANTERA'.

Trailer movie

p/s : macam best jer, trailer die pon gempak sehhh

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